How to Connect HP EliteBook 840 G3 to External Monitor?

Many people prefer to use external monitors as an alternative to small laptop screens. An external monitor can provide a larger, clearer display and more workspace for productivity applications.

Connecting your HP EliteBook 840 G3 laptop to an external monitor is simple but requires a few steps. With the right cables and connections, you can have your HP EliteBook 840 G3 connected to an external monitor in no time and make use of the extra space for multitasking or just enjoying larger visuals..

In this guide, we’ll show you how to do it quickly and painlessly.

Why Should You Use External Monitors?

There are several reasons why you would want to use an external monitor with your HP EliteBook 840 G3 laptop.

Benefits of using external monitors:

  • More Real Estate: Enjoy larger visuals for movies, games and other media and get more workspace for productivity applications like spreadsheets or coding projects.
  • Dual Monitor: Increase your laptop’s multitasking capabilities with dual monitor setup, allowing you to have two screens open at once.
  • Color Accuracy: Get more color accuracy with a dedicated monitor for your laptop, enabling you to edit photos and videos with ease.
  • Durability: External monitors are typically sturdier than most laptop screens, meaning it is less likely to break.

Regardless of what type of display your laptop has, whether it’s small or low-quality, you can always benefit from using an external monitor to achieve better visuals.

Of course, it’s important to recognize that the primary drawback is the loss of portability. Additionally, they require a separate power source, which means you’ll need to carry an additional power cable with you if you plan on using your external monitor on the go.

Another important consideration is the cost of external monitors. While there are many affordable options available, high-quality monitors can be prohibitively expensive for some users. This is especially true if you require a monitor with advanced features such as high color accuracy and fast refresh rates.

Despite these drawbacks, however, an external monitor can be an excellent investment for anyone who uses their laptop for work or entertainment. By providing a larger, clearer display, an external monitor can improve productivity and enhance the overall user experience.

How to Connect HP EliteBook 840 G3 to External Monitor?

Before you can connect your HP EliteBook 840 G3 laptop to an external monitor, you will need the right cables and adapters. This includes a video cable that is capable of connecting your laptop to the monitor (such as DisplayPort) and any necessary adapters for conversion.

The HP EliteBook 840 G3 is equipped with a DisplayPort and a VGA port, making it a versatile device for connecting to external monitors. If your monitor also has one of these ports, then connecting it to your EliteBook 840 G3 is a straightforward process, all you need is a VGA or DisplayPort cable.

hp elitebook 840 g3 ports

However, if your monitor doesn’t have these ports, you will need an adapter to bridge the connection between your laptop and the external display.

hp elitebook 840 g3 ports view

It’s worth noting that DisplayPort is a digital interface that can support higher resolutions and refresh rates compared to VGA, which is an analog interface.

Once you have gathered all the required materials, follow these steps to connect your HP EliteBook 840 G3 laptop to an external monitor:

  • Step #1: Connect the video cable from the external monitor to your laptop’s port. If needed, use an adapter for conversion.
  • Step #2: If your laptop doesn’t detect the display automatically, navigate to Settings > System > Display, and click on the Detect button under Multiple Displays.
  • Step #3: Select whether you would like to extend these displays or duplicate the displays.

Now that you have connected your HP EliteBook 840 G3 laptop to an external monitor, you can enjoy a significantly enhanced user experience. With the larger screen and increased workspace, you can immerse yourself in your favorite movies, games, and other media, and multitask with greater ease.

While an external monitor can provide significant benefits, it’s important to note that it can also put additional strain on your laptop’s GPU. This is especially true if you opt for a monitor with a high resolution and fast refresh rate.

As a result, your HP EliteBook 840 G3 laptop may struggle to perform tasks with ease when connected to an external display.

To mitigate these issues, you may need to adjust your display settings or upgrade to a more powerful laptop. It’s also important to ensure that your external monitor is compatible with your laptop’s GPU and that you have the necessary cables and adapters to establish a stable connection.


External monitors are a great choice for anyone looking to improve their productivity and user experience. By connecting your HP EliteBook 840 G3 laptop to an external monitor, you can enjoy the benefits of a larger screen size and increased workspace.

However, it’s important to take into account the additional strain the external monitor could have on your laptop’s performance. With proper planning and preparation, however, you can make sure that all the necessary components are in place for a successful and smooth connection between your HP EliteBook 840 G3 laptop and an external monitor.

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