Are MSI Laptops Good For Programming?

When it comes to programming, having the right laptop can make a huge difference in your productivity and success. With so many different laptops on the market, it can be hard to know which one is best for you.

One of the options is to go with an MSI laptop, but are they really as good as people say?

In this article, we’ll take a look at whether or not MSI laptops are truly capable of handling programming tasks and provide some tips on how to choose the best laptop for your specific needs.

What Makes a Laptop Good For Programming?

When it comes to choosing a laptop that’s suitable for programming, there are several key factors to consider. Let’s take a closer look at each factor:

  • A Powerful Processor – A powerful processor helps ensure that your computer can handle any type of programming task without slowing down or crashing due to insufficient power.
  • Enough RAM & Storage Capacity – It’s important to have enough RAM and storage space in order for programs and applications to run smoothly without lagging or freezing up.
  • Lightweight – A lightweight laptop makes it easy to carry around and used it in various locations.
  • Battery Life – A long-lasting battery life will help ensure that you can program on the go without having to worry about constantly recharging your laptop.

Are MSI Laptops Good For Programming?

Are MSI Laptops Good For Programming?

We will take a look at MSI laptops and check whether they fulfill the requirements for a good programming laptop or not.


When it comes to performance, MSI laptops are quite impressive. Most MSI laptops are designed for gaming, which means they come equipped with powerful processors, high-quality components, and excellent graphics cards.

These specifications make MSI laptops more than capable of handling programming tasks with ease.

With an MSI laptop, you can expect high-speed processing, quick application launch times, and efficient multitasking.

Another important factor to consider is RAM and storage capacity. As programming applications are typically resource-intensive, having enough RAM and sufficient storage space is critical to keep applications running smoothly without any lag or freezing.

The MSI laptops also come with ample RAM and storage space, which means you can run multiple applications simultaneously without experiencing any lag or freezing.

Additionally, the graphics cards in MSI laptops are designed to handle intensive tasks, such as rendering complex 3D models, making them a great choice for programmers who work with graphic-intensive applications.


As programmers often work from different locations, the portability of a laptop plays a significant role. Here, MSI laptops offer excellent portability thanks to their lightweight designs. For instance, the MSI Prestige 14EVO weighs only 2.84 pounds or 1.29kg, making it easy to carry around in a backpack or a messenger bag.

This feature is particularly important for developers who frequently work from home, in offices, or in coffee shops, allowing them to work from anywhere comfortably.

However, these are MSI productivity or office laptops; if you opt for an MSI Gaming laptop, then the story is different, as gaming laptops tend to be more bulky and heavy.

For instance, the MSI GF63 weighs about 1.86 kg or 4.05 pounds, making it difficult to carry around, not to mention many gaming laptops come with a large charging adapter.

Battery Life

Lastly, long-lasting battery life is crucial for programmers who are always on the move. MSI laptops come equipped with high-capacity batteries that deliver up to 8 hours of usage on a single charge.

However, as we talked about how if you’re going for a gaming laptop, you can compromise portability a bit; the same can go for battery life too. As gaming laptops have power-hungry processors and graphics cards, they tend to have shorter battery life depending on your usage.

Are MSI Laptops Good For Programming?

So, are MSI laptops for programming?

Absolutely, they are a great option for programming. MSI laptops come equipped with powerful processors, ample storage and RAM capacity, and long-lasting battery life. Furthermore, they are lightweight and can easily be taken around wherever you need to go.

If a powerful gaming laptop is what you seek, then an MSI model may be the right choice for you. However, bear in mind that more performance comes at the cost of portability and shorter battery life.

Is the MSI Modern 14 Good For Programming?

The MSI Modern 14 is a solid choice for programmers as it comes packed with high-performance features. It comes with a powerful processor and has enough RAM, which can be upgraded to 32GB or 64GB depending on the model you choose.

This feature means you can run multiple applications efficiently without experiencing lag or freezing.

As far as connectivity goes, the MSI Modern 14 has enough ports, including a USB Type-C port, HDMI, and micro SD card reader.

Another great feature of this laptop is its ultra-lightweight design. Weighing just 1.3kg, the laptop is incredibly light, making it easy to carry around in a backpack or messenger bag. Its portability makes it an excellent choice for programmers who work from different locations, as it is very convenient to transport.

Finally, the MSI Modern 14 has an extended battery life that can last up to 10 hours on a single charge. This battery life is crucial for programmers who are often on the move and need a reliable and long-lasting source of power.

In summary, the MSI Modern 14 is an excellent choice for programmers as it comes with a range of high-performance features, ample connectivity ports, an ultra-lightweight design, and long battery life. It is a perfect combination of power, portability, and convenience, making it an ideal laptop for any programmer.

Is the MSI GF63 Good For Programming?

Yes, MSI GF63 is a good choice for programming in terms of its performance as it comes with powerful specifications, but this means sacrificing portability and battery life.

It weighs about 1.86kg along with a big battery adapter. Its battery lasts about 4-6 hours which can be as low as 2-3 hours depending on your usage.

So, if you’re looking for portability and good battery life in a laptop then MSI GF63 might not be an option for you.

Alternatives to Consider Over MSI Laptops

If you’re looking for a laptop dedicated to programming, then there are many options available. Some good alternatives to consider include the Microsoft Surface Book 2, Apple MacBook Air, and Dell XPS 13.

Microsoft Surface Book 2

The Microsoft Surface Book 2 has a powerful 8th Gen Intel Processor, 8GB-16GB of RAM, and a hybrid storage drive. It has an impressive 10-13 hour battery life that makes it perfect for extended coding sessions on the go.

The Surface Book 2 also has a detachable display that offers more flexibility when using the laptop.

Apple MacBook Air M1

The Apple MacBook Air M1 is another great option for programming. It has Apple’s own M1 processor and 8GB-16GB of RAM, making it powerful enough for programming tasks.

This MacBook also has a long-lasting 10-12-hour battery life and a lightweight design that makes it highly portable.

Dell XPS 13

Finally, the Dell XPS 13 is another great alternative for programming. It comes with a powerful 10th Gen Intel Core i7 processor, 8-32GB of RAM, and an ultra-lightweight design that makes it easy to carry around. With its long-lasting 12-hour battery life, the Dell XPS 13 is a great choice for coding or programming on the go.


In conclusion, MSI laptops meet all the critical requirements for programming, including robust processing power, sufficient RAM and storage capacity, portability, and long-lasting battery life.

Whether you’re a student, a hobbyist, or a professional programmer, MSI laptops provide an excellent platform to develop your coding skills and deliver your projects efficiently.

If you’re looking for a laptop that can handle demanding tasks, MSI gaming laptops are the way to go. But if portability and long battery life are what you need, then opting for an MSI productivity laptop may be your best bet.

Ultimately, making sure you choose the right MSI laptop that meets all of your needs is the way to go.


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